Becoming a Streamer: The Slots Edition

Love to play no deposit slot games? Want to make some extra coin doing it? Then take a peek into the world of online streaming. Typically, online streaming has been something that only people who play ‘serious’ online games do: we’re talking Fortnite, World of Warcraft, and the like. But that has all changed over the past few years.

Twitch and Other Streaming Platforms

Twitch and Other Streaming Platforms

When Twitch stepped onto the scene in 2011, the platform was purely people live streaming video gameplay. However, Twitch is now highly diversified, including talk shows and podcasts, ASMR, chat channels, K-Pop dance, and more.

And Twitch isn’t the only gaming streaming platform, either. You have other competitors to explore such as YouTube live gaming and Microsoft’s Mixer.

When choosing a streaming platform to play slots on, check out the other streamers playing slots (and if it’s actually an allowable game on the platform!), their bios, how they are playing, what they are offering viewers, how they are responding to their chat, etc.

Yes, this is the time to watch other people play slots for hours and take notes.

What Tech You Need

While it’s technically possible to play and stream just from a mobile device, this will be a lousy experience for both your viewers and you: just don’t do it.

So, as a simple setup you will need:

A fairly heavy-duty desktop or laptop computer – you will be video streaming which uses a lot of CPU and GPU

Two screens – one for playing your slots, the other to manage your channels

A headset or headphones + microphone – because inbuilt microphones are lousy

A stable internet connection with plenty of data – video streaming is a data-heavy activity

Any software required by the streaming platform – for instance, you can use Twitch Studio to stream on Twitch

You’re an Actor Now

You’re an Actor Now

Streaming yourself playing slots on Twitch isn’t just you, sitting there, literally just playing slots as you normally would. Even if you have a great costume, or you’re easy on the eye, you are going to need to chat to your audience while you are playing.

This will be all sorts of things – from about how your game is going, maybe some trivia behind the online casino that you are playing at, mentioning promo codes of yours that viewers can use, through to talking about your past life as a dental assistant, what the cat has been up to today, your romantic failures, or what you thought you’d be doing at this age instead of playing slots online for viewers halfway across the world.

You definitely need the gift of the gab to keep your audience. Even if your games aren’t going great, if you have good chat then people will keep watching just to hear what you have to say next.

Play up, be a bit over the top – now is not the time for being a wallflower. And while we’re on the topic, dress up, looking like a slob in your pyjamas playing slots is not the look.

How to Market Yourself

How to Market Yourself

You can start off by marketing yourself to your family and friends, build a social profile on other platforms. However, this isn’t where people usually get views from. Instead, it’s from grinding hard on the platform.

That means you should be streaming as much and as regularly as possible. If you are scheduled to stream then make sure you turn up on time and do the darn thing. Always record your streams so that viewers can go back and watch if they wish. Use keywords in your headings, such as the casino and game/s you played, plus your codes.

Making Money from Streaming Slots

Making Money from Streaming Slots

You might be wondering how all this is going to make you money if you are actually spending your money playing online slots. Here’s the thing. You can generate all sorts of your own affiliate codes from casinos and let your viewers use the codes to give you those affiliate dollars.

If you get good enough at being an online slots streamer, some online casinos will even sponsor you to play their games. The other way that streamers make money is in a little bit of a grey area – streaming playing the free versions of the games. While this isn’t looked upon favourably by viewers, it definitely exists in the wild.