First Look at The New James Bond Slot Machines From SG Gaming

James Bond is an icon that needs no introduction. The billion-dollar franchise surrounding the fictional super-spy has spawned novels, comics, video games, and above all – the famous Bond movies.

Casinos and gambling have played a significant part in many Bond movies over the years. The Bond brand also stands for sophistication, style, and luxury, making it a perfect match for a wide range of casino and gambling products.

The deal between Scientific Games and MGM/EON

Scientific Games/SG Gaming is a huge name in the gambling industry. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, the corporation is a global leader in diverse fields like slot machine games, real money online casinos, social gaming, lotteries, and sports betting.

With annual revenues running above $3 billion, the company is not exactly short on cash. And they put that to good use in 2017, acquiring exclusive licenses to use the James Bond franchise in their gambling and lottery products.

The deal with EON Productions and MGM gives SG Gaming full rights to use images and branding from all past and future Bond movies, including the likenesses of all the stars involved.

The six slot machines serve up slices of Bond movie history

Three years after the deal, we get to see the first batch of slot machines in the James Bond series from Scientific Games. Their September release follows closely on the footsteps of the launch of over 20 different James Bond-branded lottery products and scratch cards in early 2020.

The timing of these launches is not accidental – 2020 is slated to be a big year for the Bond franchise. This year will mark the release of the 25th movie in the franchise, and the final one starring Daniel Craig. Directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga (of the True Detective fame), No Time To Die will bring this modern iteration of James Bond to a close.

Naturally, expectations are sky-high, and the hype surrounding the movie makes this the perfect time to launch these slot machines. Here are six slots, in chronological order based on the year of their movie release:

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Goldfinger (1964)

First Look at The New James Bond Slot Machines From SG Gaming - Goldfinger

Starring the legendary Sean Connery, this movie was the third release of the franchise. It was also the one that established many of the hallmarks we associate with a Bond movie, including all those spy gadgets from Q, the humor, exotic locations, and the stylized pre-credit sequences.

The 3-reel slot features exclusive original video scenes from the 1964 movie and there is a heavy emphasis on iconic Bond themes like the Aston Martin and the spy gadgets. The game is housed inside the modern TwinStar J43 Cabinet from SG Gaming.

A massive 43-inch 4K screen is the highlight of this slot machine platform. The display offers crisp 3D graphics and reel mechanisms that use RGD LEDs for some extra visual flair. This is thanks to the innovative iReels feature which is present in the slot machine cabinet.

Thunderball (1965)

First Look at The New James Bond Slot Machines From SG Gaming - Thunderball

If not for several legal disputes involving James Bond creator Ian Fleming and his former collaborators, this would have been the first-ever Bond movie. The case was eventually settled out of court and Thunderball hit the screens barely a year after Goldfinger.

Thunderball is most remembered for its heavy use of underwater settings and thrilling aquatic action set pieces. You get to see a lot of that in the slot machine as well, which features 5 reels in a state-of-the-art cabinet.

The Gamefield 2.0 was chosen as the platform for Thunderball, and it is perfect for this job. With two screens – one a 43-inch curved 4K monitor for the reels, and a bigger 55-inch monitor on top for extra branded video content – this cabinet places you amid the action.

Diamonds are Forever (1971)

First Look at The New James Bond Slot Machines From SG Gaming - Diamonds are Forever

Shirley Basset’s title track for this movie remains one of the most famous Bond songs ever. In addition, the seventh James Bond movie also marked the return of Sean Connery for his final appearance as the hero, having declined to star in the previous one.

As can be expected, the 3-reels heavily feature diamonds as the key symbol in this branded slot machine. “Shaken Not Stirred” Martinis, a Bond-themed bonus wheel, and a Diamond Jackpot all add to the allure of this slot.

The cabinet used is a Blade Stepper, a modern take on the classic mechanical “stepper” slot machines. Though it features a classic pull handle, you get all the modern bangs and whistles, including original movie scenes playing on HD touchscreens, ultra-bright LEDs, surround sound, and much more.

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Live and Let Die (1973)

First Look at The New James Bond Slot Machines From SG Gaming - Live and Let Die

This was the first James Bond movie starring the famous Roger Moore. It is best remembered for its focus drug dealers instead of super villains, with a focus on African-American themes set locations like New Orleans and Harlem.

The Scientific Games slot machine platform used for this Bond slot is the Gamefield 2.0, the same one in Thunderball. You can watch all the action featuring Roger Moore and Jane Seymour as the Bond girl on twin screens in 4K.

Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

First Look at The New James Bond Slot Machines From SG Gaming - Tomorrow Never Dies

With this slot, we enter the more modern iteration of Bond, played with suave elegance by Pierce Brosnan. The 18th movie in the series has Bond trying to avert World War 3 between China and the West, travelling across Europe and the Far East.

The slot machine is available in several configurations, including the Twinstar J43 with iReels, and a bigger V75 cabinet with larger 75-inch 4K screens. Progressive jackpots and many bonus rounds make this a very exciting Bond slot.

Casino Royale (2006)

First Look at The New James Bond Slot Machines From SG Gaming - Casino Royale

The newest Bond movie to find a place in an SG Gaming slot cabinet is Daniel Craig’s first outing as the spy. Part of a modern reinvention of the franchise, this movie veered away from the sophistication of Brosnan to a more gritty and visceral version of James Bond.

Set inside a Monte Carlo casino, this movie is perfect for a slot machine. It is housed inside the Gamefield 2.0 cabinet and uses 4K videos of the poker game from the movie to set the mood for an immersive slots experience.

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