Responsible Gambling

Here at No Deposit World we are proud to support initiatives that help to promote Responsible Gambling. Safety is always our number one priority. On this page you will find information regarding how to gamble responsibly, and where to seek help if you feel you may have developed a gambling problem.

Manage Your Gambling

Gambling is a hobby that many people enjoy, but with all hobbies that involve real risk, one must be aware of unhealthy habits. The best way to guarantee that you don’t develop habits which may lead to, or qualify as, Problem Gambling, is to maintain a healthy attitude. In this section we will define Problem Gambling, the issues associated with it, and ways in which you can prevent developing an unhealthy habit.

What is Problem Gambling?

Problem Gambling can be thought of as an overwhelming urge to gamble. If you want to stop gambling, but can’t, or your habit has led to negative consequences, you may have developed a condition that can be defined as Problem Gambling. The list of Warning Signs that are indicative of Problem Gambling can be consulted using the following link: Warning Signs and Symptoms of Problem Gambling

How to Gamble in a Healthy Way

In order to maintain a healthy attitude towards gambling we recommend that you follow these guidelines:

Don’t think of gambling as a way in which to earn money.

Only gamble with disposable income which you can afford to lose.

Don’t chase your losses.

Establish a budget before you play.

Never gamble when you are depressed.

Develop and practice hobbies outside of gambling.

Don’t drink alcohol or do drugs when you gamble.

Responsible Gambling Tools Available at Online Casinos

Online Casinos provide a number of neat tools which help you keep track of your gambling habits. Most online casinos will provide one or two of these tools to their players. We encourage you to use them even if you don’t have a history of Problem Gambling.

Prevention is always better than a cure.

Setting Limits

The best way to prevent the development of Problem Gambling is to be self-aware. If you place restrictions on your potentially harmful tendencies, you are less likely to commit them.

Using the following tools, you can set reminders and restrictions to help ensure that you are gambling responsibly:

Deposit Limits

One of the best ways to ensure that you maintain a healthy relationships with gambling is to limit your deposit amount. Many online casinos allow you to set a maximum deposit allowance over a specified period of time.

Account Closure

If gambling no longer provides the same thrill, or you need to take a break for other reasons, you can request a full Account Closure. Closing your account helps to avoid the temptation of returning.

Time Out

At certain online casinos you can request a Time Out period. This will restrict access to your account for a specified amount of time. After the time-period has ended, you will be able to access your account as usual.

Reality Checks

Many online casinos offer you the chance to set a notification which reminds you when you have been gambling for a specified amount of time.

Scrabit App

If you like to play using your mobile, downloading the Scrabit App may prove useful. This app helps you to monitor your screen-time and improve your digital habits.

How to Self-Exclude

Self-exclusion is a formal process in which you contact your online casino and request to be restricted from the casino’s services. In order to exclude yourself from an online casino you will usually have to contact them. If you ever wish to return to the casino you can re-contact them and discuss your options.

Underage Gambling

All of the online casinos we list on our site take Underage Gambling very seriously. The strict verification processes in place at the online casinos we list ensures that minors are unable to access their services.

Age Verification

All of the casinos we list on our site require players to verify their identity in a number of ways, such as:

  • Valid Driver’s License, Passport, or ID Card
  • Proof of Address (usually a recent utility bill)
  • Credit and Debit Card details

Parental Controls

If you’re a parent or a guardian worried about the possibility of your child accessing online gambling services, there are certain independent applications you can download to restrict access:


Netnanny is an application you can download to monitor your child’s search history, limit their screen-time and protect them from illicit or inappropriate content online.


CYBERsitter is very similar to Netnanny, except that it is a device you plug directly into your router.

Cyber Patrol

Cyber Patrol combines the very best of both Netnanny and CYBERsitter.

Using this application you will be able to access the following features:

  • Internet Filters
  • Alerts and Reporting
  • Time Management
  • User Profiles
  • Mask Profanity
  • Remote Admin
  • Block Pornography

Help & Support

If you feel like you need help, or you would like to know more about Problem Gambling, you can visit the following organisations dedicated to tackling gambling addiction:
Responsible Gambling Trust
Gambling Therapy Helpline
Gamblers Anonymous